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“Almost all people are hypnotics.
The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced and the people believed properly.”
— Charles Hoy Fort

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Frank Zappa - Alien Orifice

Zappa and the band playing Alien Orifice at The Palladium, New York, The Early Show, Halloween, 1981.

Frank Zappa - lead guitar, vocals
Ray White - guitar, vocals
Steve Vai - guitar, vocals
Tommy Mars - keyboards, vocals
Bobby Martin - keyboards, tenor-sax, vocals
Ed Mann - percussion, vocals
Scott Thunes - bass, vocals
Chad Wackerman - drums

More of Frank's thinking along Fortean paths...

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads

A highly significant Ig hero, Francis Vincent Zappa and Company play "Inca Roads," a decidedly Fortean tune, in a location other than the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. Enjoy. One of the premier guitar virtuosos of all time, Frank wrote jazz and classical pieces and was also a major pioneer of electronic and digital music... for example, the UMRK, his studio, owns the largest Synclavier synthesizer ever assembled.

the Mamas and the Papas: California Dreamin'

From the documentary on the 1967 Monterey Festival.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Man Levitates Woman 4 Feet Off The Ground

This guy is really good! The Ig is suitably impressed, and I thought you should see this. Filmed on the street in Yokohama, Japan. The video is heavily artifacted for some reason, but it's not a problem, really. This looks quite real... is it a magic trick, an illusion... or is it... the "real thing?"


Strange walking sea creature

Wow... is this thing cool or what? It looks like a cartoon creature... egg-shaped body, two relentless little legs with perhaps two smaller ones in it's center and as we see later, a sturdy looking "tail." There look to be some interesting feelers or tentacles as it stops to eat something. It's kind of "cute," actually. Reminds one of those Star Wars walkers a little bit. One of the labels this vid has is "wtf"... I agree! I love sea stuff, because of the beautiful and incredibly bizarre creatures found, yes... and new ones are found on virtually every single dive... but mainly because it shows that the largest ecosystem on earth is almost totally unknown. What could this thing possibly be? I'll bet it gets a new genus assigned to it! Seems weird enough to rate that. I do hope they find more of these guys... very cool. By the way, this clip was filmed in 2002... why do they take so long to release this stuff?


Tip-o-the-hat to: Miss Catonic at the Forteana Yahoo Group.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Jimi's performance of Voodoo Chile (a significant favorite) at the Woodstock festival, 1969.
A major influence on Ig, this lad was... no, is... a hero, you might say. This is one of a very few Ig theme songs.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thanks to the Blogger team for the instant annihilation

I didn't back up my template... I'm an idiot, I know... they didn't give me the option to choose to "upgrade," they just did it... I logged on... and HS was totally gone. They saved all the posts... but the rest... will take hours and hours and hours... ahhh shit. Not a happy camper, here, Blogger team... no, not at all.


Addenda... well... it wasn't really all that horrible... once the steam from my ears cleared the room... and a chat with Willy, jerri and Tom and calm returned... I just found a Google cache of my 2nd to last post (they didn't have the feral lady)... and got it all... well nearly all... off of that...

I knew it was coming, but the thought that they'd just do it automatically... leaving a blank white screen and a few of the ads that no one clicks... (the footer pics were there to torment me)... was a hell of a shock first thing Sunday morning. Note that they did save all the posts, thank God.

If they haven't switched you yet... you are instructed to now... right this minute... save your entire template to Notepad or Simpletext. Do it. Save yourself from seeing red when you see nothing but white.

"Data doesn't exist till it exists in two places." -- Tom Ritchford

Friday, January 19, 2007

'Half-Animal' Woman Is Discovered After Spending 19 Years Alone in Cambodian Jungle

'Half-Animal' Woman Is Discovered After Spending 19 Years Alone in Cambodian Jungle ©2007 Thanhniennews.com
Rochom P'ngieng, now 27 years old. ©2007 Thanhniennews.com
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — A woman who disappeared in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia as a child has apparently been found after living in the wild for 19 years, police said Thursday.

The woman — believed to be Rochom P'ngieng, now 27 years old — cannot speak any intelligible language, so details of her saga have been difficult to confirm.

"She is like half-human and half-animal," said Mao San, police chief of Oyadao district in Rattanakiri province. "She's weird. She sleeps during the day and stays up at night."

Well hey, I personally don't find anything weird with being up at night and sleeping in the day... I do it a lot... assuming I get to sleep at all. Seriously though, Jim turned me on to this story yesterday as an illustration of a point of view he's been trying, futilely, to get me to come to. No more about that. I thought he might post this but it seems up to me.

I have always had a fascination with feral people... I think it is just amazing that we have the ability, when it is well and truly necessary... to revert so completely to our built-in animal survival instincts, so very dormant in most of the cultures in the world today, and especially here in America, as so nicely capsuled in a post by Mac on Posthuman Blues as commentary relating to a rash of brain worm infections in Texas.

It's even more impressive to me when we need to do this reversion to our survival skills as toddlers and young children... the lady recovered in this story had to start surviving when she was just 8 years old. Incredible, indeed. It's doubtful of course that I'll ever understand how this critical process of the mind works, but still, it is interesting to try and speculate.
She's long lost any language skills through lack of use... but I wonder... what has become of her mind, her intelligence, her humor, her memory, her personality... and perhaps more importantly, what has become of her soul? I really hope that she's not lost to the jungle these qualities that made her the girl her parents loved.

I hope the media keep track of her and report back to us... I don't think they will... they wouldn't consider that "news"... could happen, I suppose.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Apollo 16 UFO - Case Solved?

Provided By:
The Apollo 16 UFO footage was 'some' of the best evidence as proof of their existence at the time, however, recent analysis showed that what was actually caught on film was nothing more than the floodlight/boom attached to the command/service module.

A lead from a Google Alert for UFO led to a visit to a nice blog called Science & Technology which is a collection of videos, some of which are of interest to Forteans.

It would certainly appear that this famous video, which I'll admit had me going for a long, long time, is totally mundane... as it says above from the makers of the clip... it's just the lighting boom playing nasty little games with our hungry and sometimes a teensy bit too credulous minds. Actually, now that the rose glasses are off, it does appear a mite less exotic than it did... although it still looks cool. The analysis seems pretty damn conclusive. Hey, looks like they solved one! Bravo, guys... now let's see you figure out what that fastwalker was... hehehe... good luck!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Under Our Skin - The Untold Story of Lyme Disease

It may be the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States, yet each year, thousands are misdiagnosed. In this upcoming documentary feature, we investigate the shocking human, scientific, and political dimensions of Lyme disease.
More ...
This upcoming documentary exposes the realities of Lyme disease, truly a horrific condition, and the even more horrific condition of the medical system... these "doctors" should reread the Hippocratic Oath... they, to me, are more vile than the disease... how the hell do they sleep at night. Sends shivers down my spine. Looking at the trailer alone will get you riled up... the more link goes to a detailed information page.

There must be some way to fix all this... this is nowhere near as exotic as Morgellons, and yet it seems to be placed in the same "lunatic fringe" category... what is going on? ...any ideas?

Thanks and a tip-o'-the-hat to: Margarite D'Arsinoe

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bill Hicks... still relevant


Bill Hicks' Legendary One Night Stand, 1990

30 of the finest minutes ever broadcast on television. Bill Hicks had a powerful reality based view of our world, totally unaffected by the crap that swirls around us like smoke in a bar... he was funny, he was smart and he spoke out against the bizarre conditions which we found and still find ourselves in. I find it sad that I, embarrassingly, was unaware of this brilliant man until my best friend asked me if I knew of him... I'm glad she did... well, that's what I get for shutting the door on the aforementioned swirling crap and leaving no cracks for true light to shine through for so long. Note to self... leave the door ajar... there's always something wonderful out there.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Robert Anton Wilson is gone.

January 11 brings us sad news. One of Earth's best men, Robert Anton Wilson, visionary, has moved on to the next plane. Please visit via this link for the official announcement... http://robertantonwilson.blogspot.com/2007/01/raw-essence.html

His grace, vision and eloquence will be sorely missed... a constant source of inspiration he will remain, however, and we will forever have his works and his spirit to guide us.

Blessed be.


thanks to... Tom Ritchford

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

...and this

coral pools ©2006 I F Makarevich all rights reserved
coral pools

This is part of the ancient coral reef where our little trilobite-mimicing buddies of five posts back were discovered. It was a wonderful spot... so beautiful in a "primitive" way... the colors were fantastic... note how the water is in at least 3 different tints not counting the Gulf itself... very cool... and not one rock... 100% coral and other sea creature fossils! That's what really got me going from the start. The locals, we found out later while walking to find a bus... err, minivan, back to town... didn't find these wonderful chunks of ancient life the least bit valuable... we passed a construction site where they were just piled into heaps with all the other trash... I can understand that to a point... if, as I suspect, the entire island, or at least the bit we were on, is part of this reef, then they really wouldn't have much choice, and they'd probably be perceived as just "rocks." But, still, it's sad, in a way. Oh, hey, if you dig it a lot, this image is available in high resolution prints and on products at ArtWanted.com, where it garnered an independent artist's rating by Tom and Susan Repasky of 10.000... the previous post's image, which is available here, achieved a similar result. I was on the jazz about shooting through my first Leicaoptics, you see... yeah, that was it...

©2006 I F Makarevich all rights reserved